Our first chow-chow puppy, the black bitch, was brought us in 1984 under the Christmas tree by our friends.  The first litter we had in 1988 and our first bigger success we had in 1994, when our bitch Deborah od Veverky obtained the title of the Club’s winner.  A year latter his black son Hito od Veverky was obtaining the same title. The great success we had in 1996, when the title of the Club’s winner was obtained by Deborah od Veverky again, the title of the Club’s winner was obtained by her son Min T´Sing od Veverky and the winner of the show become our young crème  

dog Eron   Botièské údolí. We have been gone to mate our bitch in abroad since 1993 but not each of mating was successful.  The visits in abroad was good for our breeding. Then our dogs gradually obtained titles of the Czech champion (Deborah, Hito, Min T´Sing, Marty, Luna, Princesse Sarah, Prince Charles - he reached for title of the Slovak champion and lately he was awarded by title of inter-champion), Prince Charles obtained the title the Club’s winner in 2000 and in 2001 he got the title of the winner of special show. At the beginning of 2000 we got the bitch Goldie D. Papa-lu, whose mother was imported from England, for mating with Prince Charles.  Goldie was successful in autumn 2001 – she won 2 international shows in Czech republic, one in Slovak and Poland. Then in Germany she obtained titles of the Club’s winner, the most beautiful bitch of the show and the most beautiful dog of the whole exhibition.  She got title on the special show in Kladno (CR).  We carried out our long-time dream on December 2000, we bought shorthaired bitch Oky. Our dogs live with us together and they have freedom of movement at home and in the garden.